Sunday 6 October
Michaelmas Term starts.

Friday 10 November (5th Week)
Richardson Lecture, Pusey Room 5.30 p.m. All Old Members welcome. Details in The Record.

Early October
The Record published.

Saturday 2 December
Term ends.

Tuesday 12 December
Varsity Match at Twickenham. Can Keble again supply more than half the team?

Friday 9 February 1996
London Dinner. Details with The Record.

Friday 15 March
Gaudy for Old Members who matriculated in the years 1961-5. Invitations will be sent out in December.

Letters to the Editor


Dear Madam,

It's nice to receive the brick with news of events back in the ol' dreaming spires, but for those of us without University Diaries to hand, could you give dates of events in terms of which week it is in University time, as well as the date as used by the Rest of the World?

G. LEYSHON ('91)
by e-mail

A tale of two bricks

Dear Madam,

Many thanks for sending me the brick, which is an excellent publication. The title The Brick will have an ironic ring for many of your readers. When in my first year at Keble, a colleague of mine produced a notorious broadsheet called The Brick which appeared on the walls of all the toilets. The College authorities decided to ban it but, in true Keble style, it reappeared as The Breeze Block!

Perhaps some back copies of your sister publication are still to be found in the archives. Who knows?

London SW18

Keble journalism is rife! The "internal" Brick is alive and well; a scurrilous, underground broadsheet, rear end, can be found on toilet walls; and the magazine Strangeways, is taking the University by storm (see page 6 - New Writing Finds a Way). ED.

Surfing the Inter-Global SuperNetWay

What are those strange metaphors that litter the pages of all but the science pages of the major newspapers? Why can't we listen to the radio without hearing Shula Hebden and John Archer exchanging their e-mail addresses? You clearly aren't someone unless you're connected to the internet.

The Electronic Telegraph, The Guardian On-Line and even Private Eye can now be read by those of us who hang out on the net. Seeing that it is clearly de rigueur to publish on the World Wide Web (WWW), the brick now has its own home page. If you point your web browser at http://www.keble.ox.ac.uk you will find all issues of the brick on line - for you to peruse and criticise at your leisure.

In fact this is just one part of the new official Keble home pages which in time will provide information to potential students, visitors, Old Members and conference organizers alike. the brick's design and IT guru, Nick Perry, said "This is not just a whim or something to fill our dull existence - the WWW and the internet is expanding at a huge pace and we really hope that the ability to find out what Keble is about, and interact with us from anywhere in the world, will benefit everybody."

Remember the brick can be contacted by sending e-mail to thebrick@keble.oxford.ac.uk

If you haven't the faintest idea what we are talking about, affix a small postage stamp to the outside of an envelope, write the words "Keble College, Oxford, OX1 3PG" below it and pop it in one of the strange red boxes you see dotted around the country.

N.M.P. *


the brick issue 4 - Trinity Term 1995
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