News from South Africa to coincide with the visit of Desmond Tutu comes from the Supreme Court as Edwin Cameron, ('78) has been appointed to its bench. After a sparkling university career, winning the prize for the best first class degree in his year, Cameron has been working as a human rights lawyer in South Africa. He adds the post of senior Counsel and Acting Judge of the Supreme Court to his chair at Witwatersrand University, and has recently concluded an enquiry into illegal arms dealing.


Master explorer and maritime historian Tim Severin ('59) recounts in his latest book how he and six companions crossed the Pacific on a bamboo raft to test the theory that Asian sailors reached America some 2,000 years ago. The full story of how they escaped gales, pirates and killer whales only to succumb to the gnawing of bamboo beetles can be found in The China Voyage (Little Brown 1994).


Missing Link 1970-2

Again, we devote a small section of the brick to a "list of the lost" - alumni with whom the College has lost contact over the years. If you can put us in touch with any of the people mentioned, we would be most grateful.

Contact: Sophie Wright, Alumni Relations Officer, The Development Office, Keble College, Oxford OX1 3PG. Tel: (01865) 272794

WWW NOTE: A regularly updated List of the Lost of all members with whom we have lost contact can be found at


Andrew John Ambler
Peter Graham Hamilton Ashe
Thomas Iain Bailey
Graham Beckett
Edward Alexander Bennett
Richard John Bond
Geoffrey Charles Brookes
Richard Sam Brooks
Graham Buckett
Philip Warren Butcher
Richard Thomas Carter
Christopher Trevor Clarke
Barrie Douglas Crook
Emmanuel Victor Oware Dankwa
Phillip Nigel Dobbs
Michael Enu Fair
James Gerrard Farrow
Melvyn Howard Field
Donald Firth
Carlos Alberto Louro Fonseca
Stephen Emanuel Golodetz
Peter Stewart Guttridge
Timothy Martin Harris
Stephen Hawley
Peter James Michael Hollingworth
William Francis Hughes
Brian Geoffrey Kerr
Shaun Patrick Murphy
Alan Frank Norris
Antony Patrick Clinton Northrop
Richard Barnabas Parsons
Vincent Hugh Cassius Peyman
David Margam Sandercock
Lynton Laurence Stevens
Martin Anthony Thomas
Anthony Patrick Vick
Nicholas James Wainwright
Robert Brooks Warren
Christopher Reed Woodhouse


Michael George Coriat T Baines
Peter Nigel George Barry
David Michael Beaumont
Clive Stephen Carpenter
Colin Alexander Catt
Abdus Sattar Chaudhry
Robert Lawrence Cohen
Sidney Francis Cumberland
Robert Francis Daborn
Robert James Delahunty
James Allen Dimelow
Patrick Joseph Doherty
David Eric Edwards
Ian Robert Fleet
John Vincent Flood
Ian Edward Gregson
William Martin Harris-Burland
Peter John Hawkins
Timothy Roland Gray Hill
Anthony John Hunter
Frederick Michael Kilby
Richard William Wortley Lovell
Brian Richard Mace
Stephen Mansfield
Alastair James Minnis
Christopher Peter A Mitchell
Jean-Pierre Edouard Ouellet
Robert Ian Phelps
John Richard William Talbot
Nicholas Howard Thomlinson
Alan John Titchmarsh
Jeffrey Scott Ween
Anthony Alfred Leigh White
David Gareth Williams
John Williams
David Harold Yates


Abdul Mannan Ahmed
Richard Arbon
Amin Dawand Khalil Baidoun
Christopher Henry Barrow
George Graham Blyth
James William Bonney
Christopher James Broderick
Richard Thomas Cauldwell
William Robert Charlesworth
Stuart Paul Howard Clark
Shaun Bonham Carter Evelegh
Philip William Fletcher
Allan John Hargreaves
Michael Robert Hargreaves
David Alfred Harper
Syed Naseem Hayat
Patrick Kevin Hibbin
David John Howell
Nigel John Hulbert
John Torleif Hunt
John Alexander Imrie
Darryl Richard Ronald Jones
Robert Adrian Lucas
Nicholas Morter
Iain James Pritchard
John Pratt Richardson
Shawn William Rosenberg
Deryck Joseph Solomon
Paul Bernard Stainsby
Francis Joseph Steele
Steven Jeremy Swift
Brian Peter Symes
Paul Gordon Taylor
John Maclean Todd
Bijan Toloui
Robert Anthony Walder
Thomas Warren


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