the brick sets course for Keble's sporting fringe...

Resurgence of Keble Runners

Rising more like a sprinter from the blocks than a phoenix from the ashes, the new-look Keble Athletics Club has made a strong start to the season and is powering into the home straight with growing confidence.

The sport has never abounded in either DipSocs or glamour, and captain Mark Hughes has had an uphill task to dig through the notoriously impenetrable Keble apathy to lay the foundations of a team. However, his enthusiasm has shaped a dedicated core along with a larger pool of athletes for both track & field and cross-country.

Unheard-of concepts such as training schedules and team-lists have replaced the old 'turn-up-on-the-day' philosophy, and the new team in its new vests is reaping benefits already.

In cross-country, progressively larger turn-outs in pursuit of the hundred pints prize have put us in close contention just behind Balliol and Brasenose with only the last race of the league to come, the famous Teddy Hall relays.

In track & field, another good turn-out at Cuppers heats let us enter two men for every event and coast easily into the final next term. The usual Keble spirit was in evidence but now harnessed by a degree of organization unimaginable a year ago.

Though we may never attain the dominance enjoyed by rugby and soccer teams, Keble can now begin truly to compete in a sport which has gone too long neglected.


Keble Darts Hit the Target

Though one generally requires a small mortgage for a night out in the Keble bar these days, the Darts team seem to find

the inclination to polish up their throwing skills whenever possible. Keble Darts appeared to be suffering something of a lull in form over the past two years. Gone are the glory days of '90-91 when Simmonds, Booth and Quest could be seen consistently clocking up huge scores and making Keble by far the best side in the University. Yet under the leadership

of Mark Stainton, Keble is to be found nestling in the low to mid-table region and results have been mixed: an 11-1 thrashing at the hands of Queen's was atoned for with a 9-3 drubbing of the old enemy, Teddy Hall. The matches are all played in a spirit of good humour, with an unofficial team song being provided by the National Anthem, sung vociferously both in victory and defeat.

The traditionally strong Keble second team has waned somewhat in its standard, though it has become renowned throughout the university for the characters it attracts. Darts at Keble seems to harbour an unusual mixture of individuals, with such diverse and telling pseudonyms as "Javelins" and "No Worries", all working as a team to provide a remarkable degree of success and enjoyment. All together now, "Keee - buuulll, Keee - buuulll !"



the brick issue 3 - Hilary Term 1995
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