Friday, 5 May
Eric Abbott Memorial Lecture: The Most Revd Richard Holloway, Bishop of Edinburgh, will speak on Deconstructing the Church's Ministry at 5.35 p.m. in the Chapel. All welcome.

Saturday, 27 May
Garden Party: held at the College on the last day of Eights Week. Open to all Old Members and their guests. For tickets (5 per person) please write to the Bursar.

Sunday, 18 June
Evensong at Westminster Abbey: sung by the Chapel Choir. For details contact The Chaplain, the Revd John Davies (01865 272787).

Tuesday, 20 June - Saturday 1 July
Keble Yesterday & Today: a lecture on Butterfield and Ruskin by Professor Cook (5:00 p.m. on 20 June) and continuing exhibition in the ARCO Building celebrating Keble's architectural heritage. For details contact Marjory Szurko (01865 272797)

Saturday, 24 June
Keble Ball: for details see article on page 2 "White Tie and Tales"

Friday 30 June
Annual Reunion of the Keble Association : The Annual General Meeting of the Keble Association will be held in the Pusey Room beginning at 5.00 p.m., to be followed at 7.30 p.m. by the...

Summer Dinner: open to all Old Members and their partners. Price (inclusive of wine) 26 per person. Why not stay overnight and join in the 1 July festivities - book early to get an ensuite room! To apply please complete and return the enclosed form to Margaret Simon, Alumni Relations Officer (01865 272735).

Saturday, 1 July
Festival: to mark the 125th anniversary of Keble's incorporation and the opening of the new building. All Old Members and their guests welcome. Festival events continue throughout the day and will include the exhibition celebrating Keble's architectural heritage, lectures (after morning coffee), pre-lunch sherry with Fellows in the SCR, an afternoon performance of Educating Rita (see "Keble Thesps", page 6) and tea and strawberries on Liddon lawn. Following a brief thanksgiving service the opening ceremony will take place at 6.00 p.m. Then after a College Feast for invited benefactors the day will close with a fireworks display at 10.00 p.m.

It would help our planning if you could let us know whether you intend to come by completing and returning the enclosed form.

Letters to the Editor

In vino veritas

Dear Editor,

I was saddened to read your report "Limits on Liquor" in Issue 2 (Michaelmas 1994) concerning Keble's intemperate views on the consumption of alcohol.

Mark Twain, who, incidentally, held an honorary doctorate from Oxford, is reported to have said, "Give a man a drink and it boils out what's in him." In my own career following graduation Twain's admonition has served me well. I've been quite pleased that I learned the art and sport of drinking at Keble.

I think it's been of benefit to mankind. I recall one night in Kyrgyzia when, after many shots of vodka, Yuri, my Russian interpreter, finally turned to me to ask, "Where in the hell did you learn to drink?" I was tempted to tell him Keble but, wanting to leave the files in my wake as thin as possible, I said nothing.

The subject of our enquiries, much more inebriated than I, was at the time giving us very good estimates of the refugee crisis which would result from the imminent broadening of the Russian war in Tadjikistan. This included relevant details he might have omitted with slightly less vodka. Upon duly noting what "boiled out" we posted a cable to Washington to begin immediately preparations for transporting shelter, medicine and food to up to a million Tadjik refugees. Had we been less able to handle our drink, one wonders how much we would have learned. As it was the necessary material was on its way before my flight had even left Alma Aty. Did we save lives? If not we certainly made many of the wretched more comfortable, which was well worth a hard workout on the liver.

Until now, I have credited Keble with helping me learn the art of intelligent intoxication. Sadly, this is to be no more. But there is a bright spot. Thankfully the JCR and College dinners are not the only alternative. There's still the Lamb & Flag, the Eagle & Child, and a myriad other pubs in which to learn the art of holding one's liquor.

One hopes the current generation of Keble students will not be put off by the hectoring biddies of moral rectitude, for there are many ways to serve humankind, and not all can be accomplished under conditions of strict sobriety.

Yours sincerely,
Virginia, USA.

And the bar and local hostelries do continue to thrive under Keble patronage - Ed.


the brick issue 3 - Hilary Term 1995
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