the brick - issue 3 Hilary Term 1995


P1 Tutu comes to Keble

P2 Ball's Past & Oxford's entrance exam is abolished

P3 The feminine side of post '79 Keble

P4 Diary & Letters

P5 Keble's undergraduates face a huge rent increase

P6 Music and Drama continue to flourish

P7 Keble's sporting diversity

P8 People

the brick

the brick welcomes letters and contributions from Old Members:

the brick, Development Office, Keble College, Oxford OX1 3PG
Tel: (01865) 272786
Fax: (01865) 272735

the brick is written, designed and produced by current Keble undergraduates and graduates, with the assistance of the Keble Development Office.

Editor: Sarah Wilkinson.
Contributors: Dermot Canterbury, Bob Cowan, Anthony Edgar, Emily Fereday, Suzanna Fitzpatrick, Chris Gibbs, Andy Hallsworth, Sheri Jacobson, Hannah Johnson, Dan Lowe.
Producer and Designer: Nick Perry.
For the Development Office: Roger Boden, Margaret Simon.

Published by Keble College, Oxford. Scanning equipment by Oxford Unibversity Computing Services. Pre-press by Oxuniprint at the Oxford University Press. Printed in the UK by Uniprint, Oxford. Distribution services by Able Types, Oxford.

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